As an airport operator and builder, VINCI Airports has developed a unique integrated business model that combines key in-house and outside expertise to design, build and remodel airport infrastructure suited to current and future needs. VINCI Airports' teams also provide the full range of skills needed to operate and develop airports day-to-day throughout the world.

Project management

Drawing on its expertise as an international airport operator representing assets of all sizes and profiles, VINCI Airports guides major infrastructure projects efficiently to optimize the intersections between concessions, operations and construction.

With its advanced forecasting capabilities, tools and planning methodologies, future challenges are anticipated, considered and addressed to deliver the highest quality standards for passengers and other stakeholders – licensing authorities, of course, as well as airlines and the airport's economic community.

As part of the VINCI Group, the company can also leverage specific resources, such as for major construction, which complements its own project design, construction and management expertise.

Traffic development

Traffic development is an essential element of VINCI Airports' value proposition to public authorities. Through its highly dynamic airline marketing, data-driven methodology and growing network, VINCI Airports builds relations of trust with airlines to maximize opportunities for traffic development.

The company's international network of headquarters’ experts and local teams works closely with 250 airline partners to proactively identify new routes opportunities and build sustainable traffic growth.

VINCI Airports' airline marketing teams then work with local tourism stakeholders and tour operators to ensure their success. Double-digit growth in many of its airports, which is on average 50% faster than global air traffic, testifies to this expertise.

Extra-aeronautical activities

For VINCI Airports, optimizing the management of retail, food & beverage, vehicle rentals, parking facilities, property, advertising space rental and telecommunications is also a key driver of airports' success.

The company applies its extra-aeronautical activities expertise in overhauling passenger terminals, working closely with commercial partners to maximize the visibility of the offer while improving the overall passenger experience.

VINCI Airports also assists commercial partners in refining their offer to match the expectations of various passenger segments and helps to develop a culturally unique offer that contributes to the airport's identity and ambience.

Customer experience

In the welcome it provides to passengers, VINCI Airports seeks to ensure its airports are a place for living. More than taking a plane, a visit to its airports is about living an experience that is as connected as possible, in a seamless, enjoyable and stress-free environment.

Leveraging innovation from multiple sources, both within and outside, the company is constantly developing useful services to improve passenger well-being and comfort. Meeting customer expectations also means understanding them.

VINCI Airports promotes a strong service culture among its employees and service providers and customer knowledge is developed through constant contact on the ground between airport operational teams and passengers.



VINCI Airports views proactively managing its environmental footprint as more than a means of responding to regulatory requirements. Improving sustainable performance also mitigates risks, avoids unnecessary costs and contributes to better stakeholder relations while helping to protect the environment for future generations.

Designed as a long-term driver of competitiveness, VINCI Airports' comprehensive environmental strategy AirPact was a first by an airport operator group when it was introduced in 2015. Key areas addressed through this policy include reducing carbon emissions, optimizing use of energy and natural resources, protecting biodiversity and achieving ISO 14001 certification.